Makeup artist spreads expertise through school

By Erin Roman

Kimberley Bosso has a wide range of specialties as a makeup artist. (Photo courtesy of Kimberley Bosso)

When Kimberley Bosso moved to Los Angeles at the age of 17, she had no idea she would become one of Hollywood’s most sought after makeup artists.

“I didn’t have a main goal in life,” Bosso said. “I came to Los Angeles to find what my niche was.”

Bosso, who now owns a makeup school, got her big break when she was asked to work with the Jonas Brothers and other Disney and Nickelodeon stars when she was about 25 years old.

“It was a spiral effect from there,” Bosso said.

She attended Joe Blasco’s makeup artist school in 1998, where she received her makeup license and now works for herself.

Her celebrity clients include Marisa Tomei, Paul McCartney, Matt Damon, Snooki, J-Wow, Zac Efron and many more. She said she also enjoys working with less famous clients such as Michael Jackson’s brother, Jackie Jackson.

“My range is really wide,” she said. “I can work weddings, editorial, music videos and commercials, but it’s more fashion and red carpet events.”

She said she charges $5,000 per day for a red carpet event and, between her clients and makeup school, she easily makes six figures a year.

“A lot of people who are just makeup artists in this town, maybe only bring in $3-$4,000 a month,” she said. “But when you break into the celebrity circuit, maybe you’ll go on tour with someone and you’ll be their personal makeup artist, you can make $200,000 a year.”

While she’s proud of all of her clients, she said people who aren’t extremely famous are sometimes more fun to work with.

“A-Listers are like ‘wham-bam,’ you go do their makeup and leave,” she said.

As for her makeup school, Bosso trains girls from all over the world in a four-day intensive professional makeup artist course.

“I get girls from as far as Ireland, Norway, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Guatemala, Mexico City, and a lot from Europe and Australia,” she said.

Bosso got her big break at 25 when she did makeup for Nickelodeon stars. (Courtesy of Kimberley Bosso)

Bosso said she doesn’t train any more than four students at a time and the total cost for the course is $4,999.

Graciela Godinez, 18, received her professional makeup license by taking one of Bosso’s courses.

“I’m still under her wing and she’s still mentoring me,” Godinez said. “She gives me opportunities to work alongside her.”

Godinez said her goal is to be a celebrity makeup artist just like Bosso. She also said she would like to do fashion shows and runway.

She said she had the opportunity to work with Bosso at the Grammy’s and, shortly after receiving her license, Bosso asked her to assist with a wedding.

“I thought I was just going to be able to clean her brushes and be there to assist her and keep learning,” she said. “But she had me actually doing the makeup along with her on some of the bridesmaids.”

Godinez said Bosso teaches her students everything she knows, even if it took her a long time to learn something.

“She doesn’t hold back on any of her knowledge with her students,” she said.

During the course, Bosso teaches topics such as contouring, bridal makeup, lash application, high fashion, era makeup, men’s grooming, brow shaping, face and eye shapes, airbrushing and business and marketing.

Bosso also teaches a one-day intensive course that costs $1,199, a two-hour class that costs $500, and a one-hour private lesson that costs $300.

CBS voted her the top makeup artist in Los Angeles, and LA Confidential Magazine voted her one of the best places to get makeup done in Los Angeles.

“The past year was a whirlwind,” Bosso said. “It has been the best year, so far, for my makeup career.”